Main Development Screen

General view of a Graymound development environment.

Action Design

All operations done as Actions at Graymound. Action editor is the place that you can define actions, call actions, services , methods and use variables.

Service Design

Service editor lets you to define services with name, alias, inputs and outputs. Inputs and outputs of an service can combine with variable calls or method calls. These services are the only communication way between server and client.

They must be called from an action to work.

Event Editor

Event editor is the place where you bind component events with actions. By this way at the time event gets fired bonded action will work.

Component Outline

Component list of a GUIML page could be tracked from Outline view. Selection, copy, paste like operations are available for use at outline.

Service Codes

Graymound services are static Java methods described with special annotations.

Also you can simply convert this services to web services by only adding little more annotation.


Graymound allows you to create and design all screens at GUIML format. These files lets you to convert at any type of technology. Currently it includes Swing for desktop applications and Qooxdoo for web applications. Developing new exporters , following cutting-edge technologies , adapting already developed screens to other formats is simple and handy. You can find these two technologies as screen shot.

Swing Export

Qooxdoo Export

Small Videos