Enterprise is not always complex!
Graymound is the result of experience collected from different frameworks. It’ s unique point of view to J2EE applications makes it more like a “Software Product Line”.

Software product lines (SPL) , supports strategic application concepts which can yield order of magnitude improvements in software engineering capability. The result is often a jump in business advantage, similar to that seen when manufacturers adopt mass production and mass customization paradigms.

Graymound is a framework which aims to give a acceptable interface for using enterprise components of Java.Generally the frameworks could be divided in two major groups, some frameworks aim to be easy and the others try to satisfiy all needs. In Graymound we specifically tried to stay at the middle point between easy to start and ability to build complex structures. Graymound Development Suite lets you to start a project and do some work in 10 minutes after installing with minimum configuration. By composing different open source projects Graymound lets you to start your engine without any cost.

Why one more Java framework?
Graymound is not just a framework. It is also software product line. According to “Software Engineering Institute” SPL’s have several benefits like;

  • Improved productivity by as much as 10x
  • Increased quality by as much as 10x
  • Decreased cost by as much as 60%
  • Decreased labor needs by as much as 87%
  • Decreased time to market (to field, to launch) by as much as 98%
  • Ability to move into new markets in months, not years.

Graymound will assist you as a SPL.

Desktop Application Development

Graymound GUIML interface will reduce your designing time by providing an Eclipse plug-in for SWING. Basically created designer provides a bug-less , simple, fast , user-friendly interface. Also created GUIML files is capable to be export as other technologies (SWT, FLASH, QT). Graymound supports 2 types of desktop applications.

  • Standalone
  • Provides you a SOA like architecture without need of any application server or other layers.

  • N-Tier
  • Provides you a SOA architecture with reducing all the troubles of multi layered structures.

Web Application Development

GUIML designer will be available for designing web applications. It is not WYSIWYG but useful for visualizing the layout designs. Currently Qooxdoo exporter is available and alternative technologies will be supported. (HTML,JQuery,GWT).

Developer will not deal with security and communication issues anymore. It is just building your applications on a tested, verified skeleton.

Business Development

Developers will code services on an unique structure provided by Graymound. Graymound will deal with all transactions with EJB. All transactions are distributed. Writing web services will be as easy as normal services. By adding annotations on your Java codes you can define a service and share it as a web service over SOAP protocol. Provided Authentication mechanism will let coder to integrate custom services and controls just in seconds. Authorization system is able to adapt to any mechanism simply.